Disaster recovery

Active Network Services have 17 years experience in providing disaster recovery services. Most businesses have some form of disaster recovery in place even if it just a daily backup. In order to be able to depend on them these systems need to be regularly audited to ensure they are fit for purpose and tested to ensure they provide the level of protection you require and satisfy your objectives for recovering the right data in an acceptable time frame.

Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Current disaster recovery systems audit report and test
  • Server / Full system mirroring – We can host a copy of all of your servers and then provide tools to mirror the data. In the event of a disaster all servers will be brought onlne within 60 minutes and users will have remote access to the same systems that they would have if they were sat in the office.

  • Email
    • Repair email files. If you have a corrupt Exchange email store we can help repair and bring it back online or export the data out of it.
    • Backup email server – We can provision a backup email server for you which can be brought online in a matter of minutes should your main email system fail. This will allow you to send and receive emails whilst you bring your email system back online.
    • Full email system mirroring – We can provide a backup email server hosted at our data centre which will receive regular copies of your email data store. If the event of a failure this will be brought online within 60 minutes and you will be able to see your old email as well as send and receive new email.

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